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1-on-1 Coaching Call

Not sure WHEN you'll get a pay raise?

Your pay is stuck – You feel your boss is blind to your increasing benefit to your team.

Imagine Knowing exactly how to get your pay raise?

Imagine this – Imagine you already know your boss's needs for your team. Imagine you already know your boss's communication style. Imagine you already moved your boss to the third and final step in the sales process:

  1. Know, like and trust (the benefits you bring to your boss's needs)
  2. Try and buy (the benefits you bring to your boss's needs)
  3. Repeat sale of (the benefits you bring to your boss's needs)

Imagine you already have the sales skills needed for this particular type of sale.

Meet your boss Prepared by a seasoned sales coach

Get your pay Unstuck – Often, what it takes to get your pay unstuck is to get your boss to SAY that the benefits you bring is more valuable now than it was back when your pay was negotiated. Questions then and tone of voice

Here’s How It Works

You book a coaching call with me using my private scheduling link. The event is set for 120 minutes, but you might want to block out extra time in case we go a little long. Our call will take place over Whereby.com. You share your ... with me. I will give you specific instructions about what to do next. Then you practice the pay raise meeting with me

I’ll give you no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately. These are not generic “hand-wavy” principles; this is practical “do this next” instruction gained from 1000+ hours of coaching folks just like you.

Book a $190 call over on savvycal.com >>

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m so sure that I can provide at least one piece of high-value advice that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth at the end of our call, just let me know, and I’ll refund your payment in full.

Or decide NOT to go through with the pay raise meeting

But Don’t Take My Word For it...

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